Aired 2/18 and 2/19- 2017: Jet powered bikes, Hipsters save motorcycles, Harley’s gamble with Victory

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew February 19, 2017 Comments are off

This Wild Ride Radio discusses the possibility of Ducati arming their new race bikes with jet engines… yes you read that right. In the very near future we could be witnessing a turning point for motorcycle power. Also, the motorcycle market is facing a problem of attracting new and younger customers but one writer thinks hipsters will save the day for scoots. Could hipsters and millennials hold the key to continuing the motorcycle culture or is it a fairy tale? Find out as we bring the author on and discuss at great length why these unique individuals might have the power to continue the two wheel legacy. Finally, Victory may be down and out but can Harley gain traction from Victory’s downfall? Listen as we’ll talk about it, on this show.

Photo by uuzinger

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