To create an informative outlet for motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe.


With extensive riding experience and industry knowledge, we exist to be the dominant source for motorcycle enthusiasts by providing the latest information and news in the motorcycle industry. By utilizing the best technology, we provide a safe and accepting environment for all Riders to network and grow. Regardless of industry changes, we will be the watch dog for breaking news and laws, protecting the integrity and abilities of Bikers to express their need for freedom and adventure that go much deeper than riding. We work to shatter the stigma associated with “Bikers” and show non Riders around the world that Bikers are some of the most accepting and genuine people who exist.

About Wild Ride Radio:

Wild Ride Radio is a motorcycle show designed specifically for Bikers, and those with a love of two wheels. Through all the years of adding up miles under our wheels we’ve realized something: Bikers like to do a certain thing more than ride… and that’s talk about riding. We’re a radio show that gets it; a show that understands the need for connection, community and a Brotherhood and Sisterhood unparalleled in the life of the caged. We look for ways to break free from the mold, to make our own path and buck traditionalism, to say to conventional-ism “we’re done” and throw our leg over the saddle. We think that any day with our knees in the breeze, is a good day. We know that you live to ride, and work to pay for gas. And while people think what we have is a sickness, we grin and say that if it is, we’re damn proud. This is the place to join thousands of other riders connected under one banner, the banner of freedom on the open road. Tune in and get in gear with all of the latest and greatest in the motorcycling way of life. Join Wild Ride Radio, because if you relate to anything we do, you’re home.


About the Host:

Dallas Hageman is a guy who lives to ride, literally. He started riding years ago and the

draw of a V-Twin paired with a good stretch of asphalt has stuck with him his whole life. He’s racked up well over 250,000 miles behind bars and visited nearly every state in the Union on two wheels. He not only lives and breathes to ride but also has a penchant for building them, and is no stranger to taking apart a ride and assembling it into a unique work of metal and paint. Many of his motorcycles have been featured in various magazines, one even selling to an actor who played a role in The Sons Of Anarchy and another to an Olympic gold medalist. He’s owned and ridden numerous makes and models of motorcycles spanning from Hondas to Harleys, Victorys to Triumphs and Kawasakis to Choppers.

When Dallas isn’t in the saddle he’s either ankle deep in grease tearing apart a V-Twin, mingling within the Biker community or behind the mic talking about bikes. Dallas is a proud participant of the Patriot Guard and Run for the Wall, a motorcycle journey across the United States that honors and supports POWs and MIAs. He believes in this cause so much that he spearheaded a grant program supporting active duty men and women who wanted to join the RFTW on their yearly journey, but did not have the funds. This program, coined RFTA or Run for them All, was featured on the Discovery Channel and continues to alleviate the financial burden of making the grueling motorcycle trek across the United States.

Realizing his knack for gabbing, Dallas started a radio show in his garage talking about what he, and so many of his Brothers and Sisters of the road love talking about; motorcycles. Starting as a podcast the show has grown into a powerhouse and exploded exponentially and is now nationally syndicated, reaching several countries and numerous states. Even though Wild Ride Radio has grown substantially in listener-ship, Dallas remains true to his roots. The production studio has made the journey as well and moved from a garage to studio, but Dallas still brought in some old tools and motorcycle parts from his old garage to feel right at home. Join him and the countless thousands of others that enjoy talking shop about bikes. If you love your ride like it’s one of the family you’re definitely in good company. Welcome to the on-air ride.


Host: Dallas Hageman

Program Category: Lifestyle

Frequency: Weekly

Terms: Barter

Delivery Method: Online

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