Aired 1/20 and 1/21- 2018: Destroy numbness, downsizing riders, auto motorcycle, Nebraska’s helmet flop

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew January 21, 2018 Comments are off

This Wild Ride Radio talks about a new phenomenon in the motorcycle industry… many riders are downsizing their rides and going smaller. There are numerous reasons for this but hear how and why this may impact the industry in a way many weren’t planning on. We talk about a couple easy and helpful ways to reduce numbness or tingling when riding. Believe it or not, that numbness can cause permanent damage if not treated properly; take a listen for this helpful guide on keeping tingling at a distance, on a long ride. Also, we talk about recent events in Nebraska concerning helmets and helmet use. Hear why it may impact other states and riders rights around the country. Finally, we talk about some brand new technology that incorporates artificial intelligence into two wheels… the need for a rider on a bike may soon be gone.

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