Aired 10/14 and 10/15- 2017: New buyer goes to jail, Harley’s video game, California moves to ban bikes, Knee problems solved

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew October 15, 2017 Comments are off

(LISTEN AT BOTTOM OF POST) This Wild Ride Radio covers a story of one Rider going to the extreme to get a new ride. Hear what happened and why he’s now in jail for a long time. We talk about Harley Davidson’s new push to draw Millennials into riding and how it may not work like they hope. Find out what new ideas they are hinging the future of the company on. We discuss a recent move by one California lawmaker that could rip bikes right off the roads. Finally, if you experience knee pain before, during or after a ride we cover some tips from a surgeon to help keep you going and pain free.

Above photo by kabbagesaver (Pixabay)

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