Aired 10/7 and 10/08- 2017: Top motorcycle CEOs go head to head, Fall riding tips, Motorcycles in Mexico interview

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew October 8, 2017 Comments are off

(LISTEN AT BOTTOM OF POST) This Wild Ride Radio talks about what two CEO’s of America’s largest motorcycle manufacturers said at the recent AIMExpo. They both have some similar goals, but each one sees a different way to shape the future. Hear what Harley Davidson and Polaris’ CEO’s think will attract the next generation of riders. We cover a couple of helpful Fall riding tips; even though there isn’t ice on the ground doesn’t mean there aren’t other dangers- stay safer with these tips. Finally, we bring on an avid motorcyclist that travels 10k to 30k miles a year in Mexico and he has some good advice for Riders looking to head south of the border. Hear what he recommends Riders to do and not do to stay safe abroad.

Above photo by pixel2013 (Pixabay)

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