Aired 11/11 and 11/12- 2017: Smart cars get stupid, Harley’s future, Honda’s massive move, shocking new crash stats

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew November 12, 2017 Comments are off

This Wild Ride Radio talks about Harley Davidson’s recent moves that have some raising questions about the company’s future. The CEO did one recent move that may or may not signal the confidence in the motor company. Hear what happened and why, now. We talk about smart technology in cars and how YOU can make your voice heard. Smart technology may not be all it’s cracked up to be, but you can help! Also, we cover a major move by the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, Honda, and what they just did to ramp up production in a big way. Finally, we talk about some emerging motorcycle crash stats and why some might shock you. What you’ve been told in the past on how to stay safe… may not be correct…

Above photo by DariuszSankowski (Pixabay)

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