Aired 2/04 and 2/05- 2017: Modifying motorcycles illegal, cyber security threatens roads, 6 annoying things Riders hate, Honda set to dominate industry

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew February 5, 2017 Comments are off

Photo by eschipul

This Wild Ride Radio talks about modifying your motorcycle and how you could possibly go to jail, or pay a fine, if done improperly. Some in the government are trying to take your rights back from the misguided and ill informed Environmental Protection Agency. Hear what is happening right now in the battle for freedom. We cover six really annoying things every Rider goes through. You may have experienced some or all of these and none of them are enjoyable… at all. We talk about a new bi-partisan bill that will look into autonomous vehicles and how susceptible they are to hacking. You may be in more danger from a computer guided car than one being driven by a drunk driver! Also, some think Honda is poised to become the world leader in motorcycles with their most recent development. Hear what it is and how Honda could take the market by storm in a few short years.


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