Aired 4/21 and 4/22- 2018: Canada loophole to ride helmet-less, OCC in hot water after cold reception, new helmet adds entertainment, RFTW 30th

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew April 22, 2018 Comments are off

This Wild Ride Radio… IS BACK IN BUSINESS! After a hiatus of a month and a half to set up the studios, we are back in business with brand spankin’ sparkly new shows! This Wild Ride Radio talks about a new loop hole that the Canadian government may have inadvertently opened when they allowed some riders to go helmet less. Hear what the new law is and how it may impact not only Canada, but the U.S. soon. We talk about a brand new helmet currently in Kick-starter phases and how it could add all your entertainment onto one bike, without the cost and mess of a bigger bagger. Also, the Run For The Wall is about to embark on it’s 30th year across the country, hear how YOU can still be a part of this epic journey! Finally, we cover what the Teutul’s (Orange County Chopper stars) are up to and why some think they may be “stretching the truth”… to the point of fraud.

Feature photo by: OpenClipart-Vectors (Pixabay)

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