Aired 4/1 and 4/2- 2017: Indian jacked up, Suzuki gathers steam, tips to take before Spring riding, Dealership back door

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew April 2, 2017 Comments are off

This Wild Ride Radio talks about Indian’s record sell-out time for their limited edition bikes, if you blinked… you missed it. We talk about Suzuki’s plans for the next fiscal year and what that may mean for the industry as a whole. Also, we got our hands on a report from 2,200 dealerships across the U.S. and reveal some startling statistics and what they mean for consumers. Finally, we cover 10 + tips to take to get your motorcycle ready for a season of hard riding. If you fail to take these to heart, you may wind up on the side of the road all summer long.

Photo by Carters Collection

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