Aired 4/29 and 4/30- 2017: Safest states to ride, Harley and Polaris knock heads, 4 things to do after a crash, Tail of the Dragon riding tips

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This Wild Ride Radio covers a couple of tips and tricks to help stay upright and safe on one of the world’s most curvy roads, the Tail of the Dragon. With over 300 curves in 11 miles it could get ugly really fast and if you ever plan on riding it, you need to know these tricks. We talk about the safest states to ride according to a recent survey and what makes these states better for all Bikers. We go over 4 things you should do after an accident to keep yourself protected long after the incident occurs; it never hurts to be your own advocate. Finally, we cover the most recent numbers from Polaris and Harley Davidson and what it looks like for the two motorcycle giants in the near future.


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