Aired 6/17 and 6/18- 2017: Iron Butt endurance ride interview, Harley takes over small town, Suzuki caught red handed

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew June 18, 2017 0 Comment

This Wild Ride Radio brings on Ira Agins from the Iron Butt Association to talk about what this organization is all about. He’ll fill us in on the formation, history and organization as a whole does for endurance riders across the globe. If you think you can ride, you may want to listen to this, the IBA takes riding to a whole other level. CLICK HERE to go to their website and find out more. We talk about Harley Davidson’s unique idea for one entire town. Hear what they did for every person in this North Dakota town and how it changed one monument that everyone will recognize. Also, we cover Suzuki’s recent run in with the Environmental Protection Agency; they’re in deep end with some shifty ways.

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