Aired 6/24 and 6/25- 2017: New tech claims to save Bikers lives, Zero changes strategy, Harley builds factory, thefts rise again

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew June 25, 2017 Comments are off

This Wild Ride Radio talks about a brand new tech company in the process of developing something that could possibly save 1/3 of motorcyclists’ lives. Hear which company is heading this process and what the new tech is that could revolutionize the safety of Riders everywhere. We talk about Zero Motorcycles new move that incorporates a capitalistic approach to selling their motorcycles… something the company doesn’t seem to be used to doing. We talk about Harley Davidson’s new plant they plan to build overseas and how some U.S. citizens are worrying it might mean fewer jobs for American workers. Finally, we cover the recent numbers of motorcycle thefts across America and tell you which country tops the list of dangerous places to store your scoot.

Photo by Nik Cyclist

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