Aired 9/02 and 9/03- 2017: Harley unleashes their beasts, Nashville Bike Week in ashes but there is hope, Polaris opens experience center

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew September 3, 2017 Comments are off

This Wild Ride Radio talks about Harley Davidson’s new model lineup and what it could mean for the future of not only the Bar and Shield, but also the future of riding in the U.S. Some are pleased while others unhappy with the new path Harley seems to be blazing. Also, Nashville Bike Week is, for all intents and purposes, done and gone. It was a an event that some think was never really intended to happen and now thousands of riders are out millions of dollars. However, there is still hope thanks to one individual who is hosting another motorcycle event and giving people who were let down by Nashville Bike Week, a chance at another event that is scheduled soon.We bring him on to talk about what he has planned, and it sounds like a blast! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS EVENT. Finally, Polaris industries has unveiled a new plant to include riders worldwide. Hear what and where it is and how the Indian brand is expanding even more.

Photo by djgmix (Pixabay)

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