Aired 9/09 and 9/10- 2017: New Riders changing the game, Insurance nightmares, History suffers, Vietnam Vet rides to remember

Posted by Wild Ride Radio Crew September 10, 2017 Comments are off

This Wild Ride Radio talks about some new stats from the Motorcycle Industry Council on who actually is making up a major part of new riders. Millennials are a big part, but there’s a different segment of the population that may change the face of riding forever. Also, we talk about one Rider being forced to pay for someone else’s accident when he wasn’t even involved. Hear about a little known insurance loophole that could get you into trouble just like this guy. We cover a story about one smaller motorcycle manufacturer that has been forced to change it’s name due to the insane events unfolding in today’s world. Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Neo Nazi’s are all corrupt domestic terrorists, and another American company has been rocked by the idiotic supporters of all these misguided sides. . Finally, we interview a Vietnam Veteran who rode over 40,000 miles to honor his fellow servicemen and talk about his book. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HIS BOOK.

Photo by ErikaWittlieb (Pixabay)

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