Aired 9/16 and 9/17- 2017: Unions dump Harley, new twist on a old road, buying do’s and don’ts, riders better drivers

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This Wild Ride Radio talks about a recent development from Harley Davidson. Two Unions have bailed on the Bar and Shield for multiple reasons, and specific offshore move that ticked workers off. Hear what happened and what might go down as a huge problem for H-D. We talk about a new thing you can participate in if you plan a road trip on America’s Loneliest Road. It’s a great trip but with this new packet, it could be a lifetime memory. -CLICK HERE FOR THE PONY EXPRESS HWY 50 PASSPORT- Also, we cover a couple of things to do, and not do when purchasing your next ride. Get the inside scoop on making a deal go the right way. Finally, we go through numerous reasons why Riders make the best drivers of cars (so if you know a bad driver… send them this show…)

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I think this stuff is necessary for every rider. Today’s gas stations are pedaling gas full of ethanol which means the engines burn hotter and components are torn up by high alcohol in fuel. It’s terrible on bikes and that’s why I run Quickshot, combined with Amsoil’s Motorcycle OCTANE BOOST, for peak performance from my motorcycle. I figure if I spend thousands of dollars on a bike, I can, and NEED to put the good stuff into it to keep it running for years.

-Dallas Hageman Wild Ride Radio Host

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