Aired 9/30 and 10/01- 2017: Indian moves overseas, Polaris sours Dealers, end the EPA

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(LISTEN BELOW) This Wild Ride Radio talks about the ongoing strained relationship between Polaris Industries and Dealers who once sold Victory Motorcycles. Some Dealers are becoming more and more frustrated by how Polaris is treating them, and their clientele. Hear what is happening and how some are reacting in the market. Also, we cover a recent article about where Indian Motorcycles are now being sold and manufactured; some people are abandoning ship while others are starting to invest more in Indian. Finally, we talk about a way you can fight for your right to modify your own motorcycle. Recently, the EPA recently tried to stop any Rider from modifying their motorcycle but there’s a way you can help force a vote to once and for all to end this insane legislation. CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD

Above Photo by Padmanaba01

V-Twin Oil Change Kit

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I’m a huge fan of this product. Easy to purchase, shows up fast to my doorstep and has everything I need to do an oil change on my Harley. Even if someone isn’t familiar with how to do an oil change, this will make it easy, and cost a lot less than having a dealer do it.”

-Dallas Hageman Wild Ride Radio Host

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