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Bikers are a big family full of screwed up individuals; complete with crazy aunts, drunk uncles, clueless grandparents, nagging parents and mean siblings. All in all though, we’re one big happy family full of respect for one another and tied together with a common longing for the open road. If you like what you hear on Wild Ride Radio or the Motorcycle Minute and wanna chime in, or have a comment or gripe, contact us here; we’d love to chat!



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Welcome to Wild Ride Radio

Wild Ride Radio (c)

The talk show for EVERYTHING motorcycle!

Wild Ride Radio is a motorcycle show designed specifically for Bikers, and those with a love of two wheels. We’re a radio show that gets it; a show that understands the need for connection, community and a Brotherhood and Sisterhood unparalleled in the life of the caged. This is the place to join thousands of other riders connected under one banner, the banner of freedom, on the open road. Tune in and get in gear with all of the latest and greatest in the motorcycling way of life.


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