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The Motorcycle Minute is a daily updated, 60-second entertaining and informal segment for motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life, which can be used as a special feature in mornings and throughout any day of broadcast. We blend timely industry and culture content with a unique sponsorship opportunity specially tailored for clients looking to reach listeners who are passionate about the motorcycle and biker culture. The Motorcycle Minute’s interviews, tidbits, talk and tips make this an extremely simple imaging product that is easy for stations to program and sell.

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To create an informative outlet for motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe.


Our goal for the Motorcycle Minute is similar to our goal for Wild Ride Radio; we exist to be the dominant source for motorcycle enthusiasts by providing the latest information and news in the motorcycle industry.  By utilizing the best technology, we provide a safe and accepting environment for all Riders to network and grow.  Regardless of industry changes, we will be the watch dog for breaking news and laws, protecting the integrity and abilities of Bikers to express their need for freedom and adventure that go much deeper than riding.  We work to shatter the stigma associated with “Bikers” and show non Riders around the world that Bikers are some of the most accepting and genuine people who exist. We strive to do this in part by creating an entirely new show of universal interest, updated every single day of the year.


Our original show, Wild Ride Radio is a motorcycle talk show designed specifically for Bikers, and those with a love of two wheels. It airs one hour a week on stations from coast to coast. As we grew, our loyal fans started wanting more motorcycle talk and suggested that once a week to talk bikes wasn’t nearly enough time. So, we put our heads together and an idea arose, “Shrink the show and talk motorcycles all week long!” Thus, The Motorcycle Minute was born.

As Wild Ride Radio became the nation’s largest motorcycle radio talk show we decided to branch out and are now leading the charge to become America’s daily, sixty second, nationally syndicated radio segment dedicated to motorcyclists utilizing the Motorcycle Minute. Our fun, laid back approach and delivery on topics including safety, new motorcycle models, breaking news, politics relating to Riders, rallies and the motorcycle industry is unparalleled anywhere in radio. We welcome all types of Riders, even people who aren’t on a bike but curious about the culture. Come join the on-air ride and get in gear!


Host: Dallas Hageman
Program Category: Lifestyle
Frequency: Daily
Terms: Barter
Delivery Method: Online


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