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Hey Riders, Dallas checking in with you. If you listen to the show on a regular basis then no doubt you’ve noticed a few re-runs of our recent shows. No, it’s not because we are going bankrupt or because I lost my voice from yodeling on Mount Everest… I and the Wild Ride Radio Crew are moving the studios to sunny South Florida. Why? Well for one, I hate the cold…like, with ever fiber of my being. Colorado just wasn’t cutting it and I’d rather have sand instead of snow between my toes. So, the studio is getting moved.

Obviously it’s impossible to broadcast from a cardboard box and Micah isn’t much help (as always) so it’s taking some time to relocate the digs, South. Have no fear though, we’ll be up and running in no time and back in the saddle once again. I’ve personally picked all of re-run shows I think are worthy of another airing and know you’ll enjoy them a second time (like leftover pizza)

Hang in there Brothers and Sisters, the ride is about to start up again. Thank you for sticking with us as we make this transition to warmer a climate. Ride safe!

-Dallas Hageman

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